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Kooks Children’s Hope Alliance Fall Supplies Drive

Kooks Children's Hope Alliance Photo
Kooks Krew delivering donations to Children's Hope Alliance.

Among much uncertainty during this year, Kooks community service and volunteering efforts were unfortunately halted due to the pandemic. As North Carolina state restrictions continue to lift, Kooks has been ready to take the green flag in helping support local communities again.

Thankfully, The Kooks Makes An Impact committee was able to host its first meeting since before the pandemic. During the meeting, the committee consisting of about ten Kooks Krew members had the chance to review and vote on the next community service opportunity.

The committee voted in favor of hosting a Fall Supplies Drive for Children’s Hope Alliance located in Barium Springs. Due to the pandemic, in-person volunteering is not allowed at the Children’s Hope Alliance facility.

During the month of September and into early October, Kooks placed donation bins throughout the facility for employees to donate items such as, hygiene items, household supplies, school supplies and much more.

Both donation bins were filled with various supplies and were delivered to Children’s Hope Alliance. The limited staff were incredibly appreciative of Kooks donation and support for being the first business to provide a contribution since the pandemic started.

The Kooks Makes An Impact committee and entire Kooks Krew were very proud of doing their part to support Children’s Hope Alliance and hopes to continue strengthening the relationship in the coming months with future community service opportunities.

About Children’s Hope Alliance

Children's Hope Alliance

Children’s Hope Alliance is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that has been around since 1883 and has a long history of helping children and families by healing the hurt, providing a safe home and encouraging a healthy start. Last year, Children’s Hope Alliance assisted over 2,000 children and families across the North Carolina region.

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